New York Street Artist Alec Monopoly Has "Too Many Toys," a Bentley and a Tesla Included

New York street artist Alec Monopoly seems to be at the height of his career, and he enjoys it by spending his hard-earned money on different vehicles, including bikes, ATVs, or cars which end up being “too many toys.”
Alec Monopoly and KTM Bike 13 photos
Photo: Instagram / Alec Monopoly
Alec Monopoly and KTM BikeAlec Monopoly and KTM BikeAlec Monopoly and Tesla Model XAlec Monopoly's ToysAlec Monopoly KTM Bike and Bentley Flying SpurAlec Monopoly and Yamaha RaptorAlec Monopoly and Yamaha RaptorAlec Monopoly's ToysAlec Monopoly's ToysAlec Monopoly's ToysAlec Monopoly and Hummer HXAlec Monopoly and Hummer HX
At least, this is what Alec suggested in one of his recent Instagram Stories. The street artist, whose full name is Alec Andon, took to social media on January 12 to share a short clip of what he has in his driveway, claiming that he has “too many toys.”

In the short video, he gives a glimpse of what he uses regularly to have fun. And he has enough of them. First, we see a KTM bike that bears his colorful personality all over it, with nods to his use of the famous board game character, Mr. Monopoly, the most common character found in his art, as per his stage name. The bike’s engine was running, and he didn’t miss the opportunity to rev it up and make it roar.

Behind it, there’s a Yamaha Raptor quad bike, which comes with a blue paintjob and orange accents, and there is a black golf cart with an orange interior parked behind it.

Following his bike and TV, the camera switches to one of his luxury cars, his Bentley Flying Spur. The NY street artist recently purchased the vehicle in mid-December 2022 and has been flaunting it online ever since.

The luxury sedan is available in six variants, with Alec Monopoly going for the plug-in hybrid variant. It comes with a 2.9-liter V6 engine which works alongside an advanced electric motor, together sending 563 horsepower (544 ps) and a maximum torque of 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) to all wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Right next to it, there was yet another car with an electrified powertrain, the fully electric Tesla Model X. Introduced in 2015, the crossover is currently available in two versions, the Model X Long Range, powered by two electric motors, one placed on the front axle, the other on the rear one, and an all-wheel-drive setup. The other is the top-of-the-line version, the Tri-Motor Model X Plaid, which, as its name indicates, comes with three electric motors. It's unclear which one Alec Monopoly owns, but we'd guess he went for the Plaid.

Finishing off the tour seems to be a two-door Hummer HX concept that comes in white with a black soft top.

And the short video didn’t even include his red Ferrari F8 Tributo, his baby blue Mercedes-AMG G 63, or the rest of his fleet. Which does prove that he may have a lot of “toys.” But since he does use all of them regularly, they don't end up covered in dust.

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Editor's note: Main picture shows an older shot of Alec Monopoly and his KTM bike.

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