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New Winnebago Roam Compact RV for Extra Accessibility Redefines Freedom of Travel

As one of the most popular names in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry, Winnebago also makes camping and outdoor adventures available for people with mobility challenges, through its Specialty Vehicle Division. The lineup consisting of a luxury model and mid-entry version is now completed with the compact, versatile Winnebago Roam.
the new Winnebago Roam Class-B RV is accessibility-enhanced. 13 photos
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Built on the Ram Promaster chassis, the new Winnebago RV is powered by a 280 HP 3.6L V6 gas engine, with 6-speed automatic transmission and ABS brakes.

The brand’s newest Accessibility Enhanced (AE) RV is designed with key functionalities that will make travel and camping easy for anyone. Plus, what’s great about it is the compact size (just under 20 feet/6 meters long), which makes it not only compatible with most parking spaces, but also more versatile than standard RVs and suitable even for running daily errands.

The Roam’s RV main feature is Braun ULV wheelchair lift, with wireless remote control, for easy access into and out of the vehicle. Plus, the integrated tie-downs not only help secure the wheelchair but also enable it to be used as an additional seat during travel.

Designed to sit up to five people and sleep up to four, thanks to the optional pop-top, this compact but cleverly-configured RV is meant to provide as much comfort as possible for those with mobility challenges. All cabinets and storage compartments can be easily accessed while seated.

And so is everything in the galley, which was integrated for extra convenience while on the road. Passengers can just prepare and store their own meals anytime, in this practical galley that’s equipped with a microwave, sink, refrigerator, and an outlet for an induction cooktop.

Since there isn’t a lot of space available, the powered sofa can also be converted into a bed, with the push of a button. This way, there’s a comfortable sleeping solution available for overnight road trips, without crowding the space. Speaking of road trips, a private bathroom always comes in handy. Roam’s bathroom features a cassette-style toilet and integrated shower with an adjustable shower head, for even more comfortable trips.

The new Winnebago Roam is coming this Fall and will be available through selected dealerships.

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