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New U.S.-Based Innovation Hub to Develop Next-Gen Extreme Energy Density EV Batteries

The global chip shortage showed how important it is for carmakers to be able to rely on locally-produced critical components and to benefit from a steady supply chain. As electric vehicles take center stage, batteries are becoming an increasingly important topic, not just in terms of range, but also in terms of supply.
StoreDot's new innovation hub in California will research next-gen solid-state batteries 6 photos
StoreDot Fast Charging SolutionStoreDot Fast Charging SolutionStoreDot Fast Charging SolutionStoreDot Fast Charging SolutionStoreDot Fast Charging Solution
A couple of years ago, an Israeli-based company was making waves with its lithium-ion battery that could be fully charged in just five minutes. Claiming to be one of the pioneers of extreme fast charging (XFC) technology for EVs, StoreDot is now making a huge step for its development by inaugurating an innovation hub in the U.S.

Based in California, StoreDot’s new research hub will enhance the development of XFC technologies, with the goal of launching mass production by 2024. But there’s more. The company is already researching next-generation battery advancements, based on extreme energy density (XED) technology and solid-state capabilities.

Dr. Doron Myersodorf, StoreDot CEO, pointed out that batteries should be made where EVs are made, which would “redress the current imbalance in favor of Asian manufacturers.” This is why StoreDot also intends to go beyond research, and establish a manufacturing partnership in the U.S. Considering that the company’s strategic investors include names such as Daimler, Samsung Ventures, BP, and TDK, the chances for a successful partnership look pretty good.

In the previous years, the Israeli startup has demonstrated full charges of EVs and commercial drones in less than five minutes, through the use of its groundbreaking technology. Both of these demonstrations were world premieres. Now, StoreDot is ready to turn its XFC battery technology into XED solid-state batteries. Its new facility in California will also benefit from the local talent pool, which will help accelerate the company’s commercial production plans.

If things go according to plan, StoreDot will begin mass production of XED solid-state batteries by 2028.

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