New Toyota GT86 Might Sit on Mazda MX-5 Platform, Report Claims

Toyota FT86 Concept II 1 photo
Photo: Toyota
There must be very busy and congestioned times for the folks over at Toyota these days, with so much going on inside the Japanese brand. However, get ready to hear this out: Mazda MX-5 might lend its platform to the next-generation Toyota GT86 sportscar.
Since Toyota announced last year that they would build a new GT86, the rumour mill regarding this particular model had nothing to offer.

Instead, other areas of Toyota's expertise started producing rumors, including the arrival of a successor for the Supra under the S-FR moniker and the development of a Prius-based SUV, which would result from a partnership with Mazda.

According to Motoring, Toyota GT86's successor will be underpinned by the same architecture as the new Miata. Also, Fiat is likely to join the party, with the 124 Spyder being rumored to sit on the same platform.

The same source reports that their insider - a source close to Toyota - described the situation as 'difficult' because the world's largest carmaker is in the final stages of development for its new rear-drive sportscar chassis.

However, the anonymous source went on and claimed that if Toyota used Mazda Miata MX-5's chassis setup, it would be on the next generation GT86.

What's next?

If the new Toyota GT86 sits on the same platform as the Miata, we will be looking at a smaller finite product, but also lighter. Therefore, it might use a downsized turbo gasoline unit, but we're not sure how will the fans feel about this.

Also, if the GT86 will be shrinked, what will happen to the Subaru BRZ? Hard to say, but so far, it looks partnerships are the key for Toyota as it plans to assure a stronger presence in the sportscar segment.

So far, we know about a Toyota-BMW collabo meant to give the world the new Supra as well as a replacement for the BMW Z4. Given BMW's input the sportscar's inception, potential buyers might benefit from a six-cylinder petrol powerplant working its mojo under the hood of the new-gen Supra.

Last but not least, it was only last month when Toyota and Mazda reached an agreement that would allow the two companies to share technologies - engines, most likely - and reduce costs. But now it looks like there's more than that.
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