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New Toyota GR Sedan Supposedly in the Making, Might Be the GR Camry

Toyota’s GR sporty family of vehicles already comprises a few models, such as the GR Supra, and GR 86 sports coupes, the GR Corolla compact hot hatch, and the GR Yaris punchy supermini. So, think they are done with expanding it?
Toyota GR Camry - Rendering 6 photos
Toyota GR Camry - RenderingToyota GR Camry - RenderingToyota GR Camry - RenderingToyota GR Camry - RenderingToyota GR Camry - Rendering
According to a recent report coming from MotorTrend, the answer is no. And rather surprisingly, in today’s market anyway, the next rumored Toyota GR model won’t be a crossover, nor an SUV, but actually, something that’s part of a dying breed in most parts of the Western World: a sedan, or better said, a mid-size sedan.

Having nailed the arrival of the GR Corolla following pure speculation, the quoted website now believes that the Camry is now in line to get the GR treatment. And looking to catch the Japanese automaker with its guard down, they popped the question to Bob Carter, the executive vice president of sales. So, what do you think he said? That would be two words: “stay tuned.

Mind you, that’s not exactly confirmation, but on the other hand, the exec hasn’t denied it either. In fact, he left the door open to such a model, which would inevitably rival the likes of the Hyundai Sonata N Line and Kia K5 GT.

In theory, at least, Toyota might drop the Camry TRD and replace it with the GR, if a sporty version of the model is indeed in the pipeline. Expect the usual highlights, such as a more aggressive styling, tweaked chassis, uprated brakes, and a few changes inside. Moreover, look for a punchy engine under the hood that we know nothing about yet.

Now, whether the GR Camry remains a possibility is rather subjective at this point, as Toyota might decide to give a similar treatment to the four-door Corolla. Either that or simply wait a bit more until they finally have a GR crossover in their lineup. Guess anything’s possible at this point, isn’t it?

Editor's note: Renderings courtesy of Theottle on YouTube.


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