New Toyota Auris Hybrid Gets an Interesting New Commercial

Toyota Auris Future Commercial 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
It’s the year 2057. The world is a different place where interconnectivity and ease of access got in every single object.
Beds are not what they used to be, they have built in alarm clocks and they will swing you over when the automatic curtain will open and let the first rays of sun come in.

Nobody knows what “button” means and holograms can be found everywhere, either you want to watch the TV or set up the coffeemaker before you take a shower in the voice-controlled optimum-temperature-adjusting shower cabin.

Then you go in the garage to take the car to work and you have to break a sweat or two in order to crank-up the engine using the lever up front. A few bangs and whooshes, some sparks at the tailpipe and lots of smoke afterwards, followed by the relatively smooth purring of the internal combustion engine giving some misfires from time to time tells you that it’s time to go.

So you climb aboard, push hard on the stiff clutch pedal and engage 1st gear that makes a grinding noise before successfully coupling. The garage door opens silently and you release the rock-hard pedal while giving some gas from the steering-mounted gas handle. The noise intensifies and you exit your driveway, turn right and disappear in a cloud of smoke, while the misfire bangs are fading away.

But wait a second... We were in 2057, so what’s with the 1920’s cars in the hologram and nano-bots age? Well, see the new Toyota Auris hybrid commercial down bellow.

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