New Tesla Model S Software Upgrade Turns Your Phone into the Key

Using your smartphone to control some of your car’s feature is anything but new. However, with the latest update installed, the Tesla Model S will allow you to even start it without having the key fob around.
Tesla Model S 1 photo
Up until now, you had to wear the Tesla keyfob around you somewhere and simply sit on the driver seat to turn the car ON. But, according to a post on 9to5mac, the version 6.0 software upgrade gives your phone the same ability, without the need of the actual fob around.

The feature will be available through Tesla’s official app and it will work firstly only on the iPhone 5s, which will probably allow for an increased security measure, possibly asking to scan your fingerprint before letting you control the car. Previously, the app would let you open the car but it still required the fob to be around.

The update is still in beta testing but after it will roll out, it’s been said to also be compatible with Android phones too. And since version 6.0 is a major software update, it will also add new features including an enhanced navigation system with real-time traffic information, new calendar functionality, improved power management as well as the possibility to give the car a name.

The Tesla Model S is regarded as the most advanced 100 percent electric vehicle today, coming with a very complex operating system that controls everything and lets you use most of the car’s functions via a huge touchscreen display on the central console.

The car is basically the iPhone of the automotive industry, so expect more integrations and geeky features to come.


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