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New Tesla Model S Rendered With Sporty Exterior Ahead of Rumored Debut

The Model S was the most talked about car in the world at some point, but despite several changes, it's been falling behind the Model 3. Various reports suggest a new model is on its way, and we decided to share one of the boldest renderings we could find.
New Tesla Model S Rendered With Sporty Exterior Ahead of Rumored Debut 17 photos
The photos belong to Emre Husmen, the same person who created the model for a Model P Tesla pickup that we showed you recently. While the artist is mainly focused on sleek electric cars, he couldn't resist making the new Model S look ready for the track.

The electric sedan features bold C-shaped front and rear lights, giving the car a sleeker look. Extra creases are also added to the bodywork, around the shoulders and hood. Meanwhile, the back features both a diffuser and trunk spoiler effect.

Tesla famously hired Fisker as a design consultant on the original Model S, with many feeling that he did a bad job while "borrowing" ideas for his own Karma project. Somehow, this rendering reminds us of its successor, the Revero.

According to a report published about a week ago by CNBC, citing insiders and former employees, a heavily revised Model S is supposed to be unveiled in September. According to the whistle-blowers, the Fremont factory is already being tooled in preparation for it and the Model Y.

The concepts introduced by Model 3 will trickle down to the new Model S interior. More specifically, the infotainment will still be super-sized, but with a landscape design and floating over the minimalist dashboard.

But the rendering pre-dates this report and actually shows a curving portrait screen, as well as funky displays integrated into the steering wheel. Which layout do you Tesla fans think is better? The EV market is heating up, but Tesla is still ahead of the game.


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