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New Technology from Suzuki Sees Lithium-Ion Batteries Being Recycled to Power Streetlights

Suzuki Motor Corporation has reportedly developed a new technology that allows for small lithium-ion batteries to be recycled into solar-powered streetlights in Japan.
Small lithium-ion batteries from ELVs to power street lamps 6 photos
Solar-powered streetlightSolar-powered streetlightSolar-powered streetlightSolar-powered streetlightLithium-Ion Battery
The initiative is part of the Japanese car maker’s non-profitable recycling and sustainability efforts and, for the time being, the technology is exclusive to Japan.

As it turns out, Lithium-ion batteries will be collected from end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) and repurposed to store energy for solar-powered streetlights. Usually, most disposed ELVs still have remaining battery life. Using the new technology created by Suzuki, the remaining battery life in ten such small lithium-ion batteries will be used to power one street lamp.

No further details were provided as to how the technology works or what it entails, but the company mentioned that it was created using funds obtained from Japan’s existing vehicle recycling fees.

For those unfamiliar with the issue, know that Japan has had rules and regulations in place for proper waste disposal, particularly disposal of end-of-life vehicles, since 2002. The Law for the Recycling of End-of-Life stipulates that car manufacturers have to collect and appropriately recycle or destroy the materials and parts they retrieve from ELVs that they originally produced.

So basically, car makers in the country are also required by law to recycle or destroy small lithium-ion batteries harvested from ELVs.

According to Suzuki, the technology will help pave the way for a more effective utilization of small lithium-ion batteries in the future.

For the moment, the technology is only used in the company’s home country Japan, but Suzuki plans to share its research with the world to help fuel further development. It would only be fair to do so, considering streetlights are everywhere and the entire planet needs more sustainable solutions for a cleaner future. Suzuki has highlighted that it will continue to research and develop similar initiatives to drive sustainability.


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