New Suzuki Ignis Is the Kind of Cheap Car We'd Actually Buy Because We Like It

Suzuki is probably the least respected of the major Japanese carmakers at this moment, and the company is currently working on a plan to change all this.
Suzuki Ignis 6 photos
New Suzuki IgnisNew Suzuki IgnisNew Suzuki IgnisNew Suzuki IgnisNew Suzuki Ignis
The plan seems to be building high-quality affordable vehicles if the latest models are anything to go by, and this new Ignis that's just been revealed only adds to this idea.

The car will make its full debut in exactly one month, when the Tokyo Motor Show will be opening its gates. The new Ignis is a far cry from the old model it replaces after some time, and to be honest nobody has any problem about that. In case you were somehow spared of its sight up until now, the old model was a strange mix between a crossover and a small MPV that managed to suck at being either of the two.

This new model carries over some of that indecisiveness, but the important thing is that it manages to wrap it up in a much more pleasantly-looking body.

People say the new Ignis looks very much like the company's iM-4 concept, and it's easy to see why: they're quasi-identical. Even though we don't have any indication of the car's dimensions, the Ignis seems to be extremely small, somewhere in the region of Renault's Kwid.

It also comes with a very perky interior, but we fear it will be tarred by the use of poor, rough-feeling materials. But that doesn't change the fact it looks quite good, with a decent touchscreen display and all the buttons grouped together in on place. The bright accents - reflecting the bodywork color, probably - are also a nice touch, as long as you don't spec your car white, silver or black.

As far as motivation goes, it's too early to know anything for certain, but the newly launched BOOSTERJET small displacement turbo engines we got to see in Frankfurt would make a perfect fit. So expect the new Suzuki Ignis to receive a 1.0-liter unit as its main power source.

We'll know more about the Ignis - such as where will it go on sale? - once the Tokyo Motor Show launches, but until then go check out the images below.


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