New Scott Ransom eRide MTB Is the Tank You’ll Need on Your Mountain Adventure

With the entire e-bike craze going on, some manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and are delivering some downright monstrosities. It’s gotten to the point where you almost don’t need a rider anymore.
Scott Ransom eRide 920 9 photos
Scott Ransom eRide 920Scott Ransom eRide 920Scott Ransom eRide 920Scott Ransom eRide 920Scott Ransom eRide 920Scott Ransom eRide 920Scott Ransom eRide 920Scott Ransom eRide 920
Believe it or not, this seems to be the scenario when we get to talking about the new Scott Ransom eRide 920 (U.S. version). If you haven’t heard of this delicious two-wheeler, you’re in for a treat.

Unlike other mountain monsters that you’ll be seeing flying down hills and trails this summer, this particular mountain troll is very well priced considering the equipment you’ll find on it. But why? Well, unlike most other major MTB manufacturers out there, Scott chose to stick to a more classic frame composition.

Now, don’t trash talk it before you try it, but this e-MTB does include an alloy frame, unlike the more up to date carbon frames. Sorry, wrong choice of words with the whole "up to date bit," but it does seem that more and more manufacturers are switching production lines over to carbon.

But an alloy frame does have its benefits, one of which is pricing. With the use of an alloy frame, Scott is able to keep the price for this bike at an accessible $5,499. Sure, it may sound like much, but once you hear about the sort of components we find on this beauty, you won’t mind the 50% discount over a similar carbon cousin. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Scott Ransom eRide 920
Now, it is an e-MTB, so we know for a fact that there’s a motor and a juice box to keep everything working in perfect order. For this bike, the motor is provided by famous Bosch. Not just any Bosch, but a Performance CX unit that is limited to 20 mph (32 kph) assist for the U.S. market. The EU-version is only available up to 25 kph (15.5 mph). However, it’s all about the torque with this motor, as a massive 85 Nm (62.7 lb-ft) of torque is available for the 2021 CX unit.

As for the power to feed your climbing prowess, Bosch strikes again with a PowerTube 625. That 625 is the amount of Wh this puppy can carry. It is a removable battery, which means you can pick up an extra PowerTube and simply replace it once the old one is drained, giving you the ability to double your adventure time. How far just one charge will take you is hard to say as riding conditions greatly vary from one ride to the next.

Oddly enough, Scott chose to complete the drivetrain with a component manufacturer that starts with the letter ‘S’. No, not Shimano, but SRAM. The entire setup is tuned to 12 speeds with an NX Eagle derailleur, SX Eagle shifters, and a PG1210 11-50 T cassette. Solid stuff.

Scott Ransom eRide 920
But Shimano isn’t out of the game entirely. They offer the stopping power to keep your bones intact with 4-piston brakes and 203-mm (8-in) front and rear rotors.

As for the suspension, the fork is handled by RockShox with a ZEB Air that provides 180 mm (7.1 in) of travel, while the rear is covered by a two-position Fox Float X2 Performance shock. So, yeah, don’t worry about that next drop; just make sure you’ve got enough momentum to avoid clipping the rear wheel.

By now, you’ve figured out that everything this e-MTB has to offer is top-shelf stuff. So quit whining about the half-priced offer or the fact that it comes in with a hefty 54.45 lbs (24.70 kg), and click here before the spouse gets home and finds out what you’ve done with some of your savings.


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