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New RZR Turbo R From Polaris Raises Bar for Turbocharged Side-by-Side Industry
Polaris recently unleashed two monster side-by-sides meant to dominate natural landscapes. You've already seen the RZR Pro R, and now you'll get to meet the lesser demon, the RZR Turbo R, a turbocharged devil.

New RZR Turbo R From Polaris Raises Bar for Turbocharged Side-by-Side Industry

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Ladies and gents, the vehicle you see is one of two newly announced side-by-sides from Polaris. Out of these two machines, this is the less powerful, but with 181 turbocharged horses, you'll still get one heck of a ride.

Now, Polaris isn't the sort of team that needs any introduction, so I'll just get into the thick of things. Like most other side-by-sides, the Turbo R is available in three different packages and even as a four-seater. The least expensive Turbo will run you 26,000 USD (22,721 EUR at current exchange rates), while the Ultimate trim package runs for 33,000 USD (28,838 EUR at current exchange rates). The 4-four seater starts at 30,000 USD (26,216 EUR at current exchange rates).

A few features make this machine what it is, and all of that starts with the motor. Inside the Turbo, Polaris throws in a 181-horsepower turbocharged engine. A 4-stroke DOHC twin-cylinder and fuel-injected powerhouse transfers energy into the ground when you need and want it.

However, we all know that a side-by-side is only as fun as the suspension will allow. That being said, it's time to check out exactly what Polaris is offering here because it is a tad different than what you may be used to.

Overall, the Sport Turbo is equipped with Walker Evans Velocity Needle shocks with 28 inches (71.1 centimeters) of travel at the rear and 27 inches (68.6 centimeters) at the front. All that is then ramped up with MaxLink suspension system that attaches the front shocks to the lower arms. If you opt for the Ultimate package, Walker Evans is swapped out with Fox 3.0 Live Valve. 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) of clearance is also part of every Turbo.

As for a trick up this machine's sleeve, like the Pro R, the Turbo is equipped with Dynamix DV, a controller that automatically tunes your suspension by independently controlling compression and rebound. Four modes are available such as Track, Baja, Comfort, and Rock. Each one is tuned to offer optimum performance, so do feel free to use them accordingly.

More optimization is also offered to the Turbo's stance and wheelbase. Overall, a 74-inch (188-centimeter) stance and a 96-inch (244-centimeter) wheelbase make this bugger a tad more agile than other side-by-sides, but the 4-seater features a 125-inch (317.5-centimeter) wheelbase; less than the Pro R.

Keeping passengers safe, Turbo features a one-piece chassis to ensure everything stays put in case of an eventual tumble. Protection is granted because of the chassis and the space to mount countless features and options.

Adjustable driving positions, tilting and telescopic steering wheels, Rockford Fosgate audio system, and a central command touchscreen to keep track of your route and stream music wirelessly are all in place.

If you're unaware of the way Polaris does things, you're interested in purchasing any one of their vehicles, you will have to go through a gauntlet of features and options that you can use to tune your Turbo to your liking. You can modify things like audio systems, add storage, mess with lighting, or change out the roof on your ride.

If you really have the cash to spend on tricking out your Turbo R, you can even tamper with the suspension system, wheels, windshield, and add underbody protection. If it belongs on a side-by-side, Polaris makes sure it belongs on the RZR Turbo R too. Just a little something to put on your Christmas wishlist.


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