New Rims on Toyota GT 86: Doesn’t Mean You Have To Stance It

Scion FR-S on TSW Rims 1 photo
Photo: audiocityusa
The Toyota GT 86 really is a nice machine to look at, but those Prius-sized wheels might not be appealable to everyone. Luckily, the offer for such items is enormous and finding the right style to suit the car can become an obsession.
Finding the right aftermarket rims that will look awesome on your car can be a pain in the back, simply because you have to see how it looks on the vehicle to buy them. So you’ll either have to find pictures with it on the Internet or ask someone with mad Photoshop skills to match them over the stock ones on your car.

The whole operation pretty much resembles online shopping for clothes - the items look perfect on the models in photos but they may not fit you as well when receiving the order. Of course, you can return them but trying the same thing with rims is a bit more difficult.

And then comes the eternal problem with deep-dish wheels. They look gorgeous but to fit them to the car you need to alter some things like the body width or the wheel hub. And then you might want to lower it and modify the wheel’s camber, or even go full mad and stance the hell out of it.

A stanced Toyota GT 86 with Rocket Bunny widebody and deep-dish cambered wheels looks gorgeous, but it spoils the car’s performance a lot and you will also need to change tires more often. That’s because the tire’s tread will touch the road only with one side, the contact patch is way smaller and it will wear out faster.

So, if you want your GT 86 or Scion FR-S look good and still be practical, you’ll have to get some down-to-Earth rims that will go on with no hassle. For example, try to look for spoked designs like these TSW Nurburgring rims fitted on this Scion FR-S here in the photos.

These here are finished in Matte Gunmetal, but you can have them in Bronze or Gunmetal with Mirror Cut. Of course, you can get creative and paint the rim with another color or the whole wheel at a shop.

TSW has a lot more rims that will fit an FR-S or GT 86 so don’t forget to check them out. This is just an example to demonstrate that not all Japanese cars need to be stanced in order to look cool. Heck, go check all aftermarket rims makers, and as a guide for finding the right wheels, try to look after those that are not too concave or too deep.
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