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New Reports Say Apple’s EV Could Be Here by 2025

Apple's attempt at an in-house designed motor vehicle feels like an old wives tale at this point. Like something people have expected to be announced for ages but ultimately never comes. But if recent reports are to be believed, the countdown to such a vehicle actually coming to life may be closer than we thought.
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Industry reporters have been on the edge of their seats in recent months. As the company that brought us the iPod and iPhone doubled down on its autonomous vehicle technology while at the same time tip-toeing around the question of whether their self-branded car was anything but shared wishful thinking.

Now, in reports from Bloomberg and Reuters, Apple may only be a handful of years away from attaining something many in the industry once wrote off as preposterous. In truth, Apple's been clandestinely working on such a creation under the codename Project Titan since at least 2014. As time passed and questions from the media kept mounting, Apple became progressively more and more tight-lipped about proceedings.

Interestingly, the most recent report from Reuters detailed how they'd picked up on signs that Apple intended to release their autonomous passenger car sometime in 2024. Still, Apple declined to comment when the Reuters team reached out, and their current estimate is for an unveiling date sometime in 2025.

In the meantime, Apple's stock prices have risen steadily over the last several months, putting the company in the healthiest financial shape it's been in since the ongoing health crisis brought the global economy to a halt. But autonomous vehicle technology is no easy matter; just ask the teams at Tesla and Argo AI.

These AV technology manufacturers either already have considerable capital, like in the case of Tesla, or are backed by one or more multi-billion-dollar industry-leading automakers, such is the case with Argo.
Suppose the only thing sitting in between modern tech giants and a fully autonomous, self-driving vehicle is a lack of money. In that case, Apple might be in a better position to get the job done than any other company in the world. A few billion iPhones will surely cover that bill.

Ultimately, who decides whether or not this happens will be the decision of a board of directors so powerful, they might as well run their own country. For now, the answer is more or less still in the realm of speculation.

Editor's note: Vehicle depicted in thumbnail is an unofficial rendering, Apple has yet to announce or unveil official photos.


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