New Renault Clio Videos Released - Teaser, Interior Exterior

The Clio is basically the most important car for Renault, and they were pleasantly French about designing Mk IV. It’s still a supermini, but it’s much more desirable than the hatchback has ever been before.
Renault Clio 1 photo
It comes with new TCe 0.9-liter and 1.2-liter turbo engines, is connected to the Internet and is about as read as a field of poppies or a Frenchwoman’s dress. Overall, it’s just a sexy little car... little-ish.

Transmission options now include a six-speed EDC double-clutch automatic, CO2 emissions are below 100 grams per km, and fuel consumption for the 1.5 dCi 90 is as little as 3.2lt/100km (88.3 mpg UK). This is the Renault you want!

Make sure to check out all the different videos that renault has released and also the photo gallery from our previous article.

Teaser-trailer video.
Video thumbnail
Passion, pure and simple!
Video thumbnail
New Renault Clio, an incarnation of the brand's new styling identity.
Video thumbnail
Interior looks bright and colorful.
Video thumbnail

Exterior is an evolution of the DeZir Concept.

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