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New Renault Clio RS Reviewed by a Sexy Car-loving Russian Blonde

OK, so the Renault Clio RS is not as fresh as daisies. Revealed at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, this 4th generation hot hatch made its market debut the following year and has been largely described as a more competent but less engaging car than its predecessor.
 Renault Clio RS review by Anastasia Tregubova 1 photo
You've probably watched it go head-to-head against the Ford Fiesta ST and Peugeot 208 GTi. But have you ever seen it reviewed by a Russian blonde? Of course you haven't. Not just any blonde will do though. Anastasia Tregubova has be the sexiest car journalist ever, not just in Russia, but also in the whole world. And no, young Vicki Butler-Henderson from the 2000s doesn't count.

Even though Anastasia's reviews are in Russian and we don't fully understand what she's saying, they are hugely entertaining. They've got history, some pretty cool dynamic shots and best of all, honest talk about flaws. In the case of the Clio RS, the ex Playmate (that's right, she was in Playboy) found the button on the automatic gear shifter is floppy and the nav screen is tricky to use.

Like all Clios, the RS has a confusing speedometer. The velocity is displayed digitally in the middle and there's a huge dial on its right that shows fuel levels. Who thinks of the pump that often?

For more on Renault's little turbocharged monster, stay glued to our review section, as we'll have our own in-depth look at the car ready faster than a twin-clutch can change gears.

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