New Porsche Macan S vs. Cupra Ateca: 0-230 KM/H Acceleration Comparison

New Porsche Macan S vs. Cupra Ateca: 0-230 KM/H Acceleration Comparison 1 photo
Photo: YouTube screenshot/AutoTopNL
Ever since the Cupra Ateca came out, we've been wondering how it compares not to other crossover or car-type vehicles, but to bigger performance SUVs like the Porsche Macan. And today, we get a rough idea of what would happen in a drag race between the two.
Why the Macan? Well, it's really easy to pick on the little fellow. Even though it's made by Porsche, this SUV is based on the old Audi Q5 platform and only comes with V6 engines making up to 440 horsepower. It's pretty rare to find such a lack-luster Porsche, especially when it's the best-seller.

But that's for the old Turbo with the performance package, which isn't in production right now. Instead, we are pleasantly surprised by the first acceleration video with the refreshed Macan S. Based on the bore/stroke and output, this bad boy now packs the same 354 horsepower, 480 Nm 3-liter V8 as the Audi SQ5 used to have before they went for a diesel in Europe.

The output numbers are way higher than those of the Cupra Ateca, which delivers only 300 HP and 400 Nm from its 2.0 TSI. However, the official performance figures are quite close, since the Spanish unit uses a car platform and is thus lighter.

So, does the real-world performance match up? Well, this double-acceleration video from AutoTopNL reveals the two rivals perfectly matched up to about 140 km/h. After that, the Macan S pulls such a small lead that it makes you wonder why it costs so much more.

Yes, we are going to bring money into the discussion. Of course, if you can afford the €65,000 Porsche, it's a really cool machine. But for nearly two thirds the cost, the Cupra Ateca offers more practicality and standard equipment. Delivery times won't be a problem either, unlike with something made by Stuttgart's finest.

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