New Porsche 935 Hits Monza Circuit in Black, GT2 RS Engine Sounds Muffled

Only two days after the new Porsche 935 took the motoring world by surprise at Laguna Seca, another example of the racecar hit the Monza track and we've brought along the freshly recorded footage.
Porsche 935 Hits the Monza Circuit 7 photos
Porsche 935 Hits the Monza CircuitPorsche 935 Hits the Monza CircuitPorsche 935 Hits the Monza CircuitPorsche 935 Hits the Monza CircuitPorsche 935 Hits the Monza CircuitPorsche 935 Hits the Monza Circuit
The Italian circuit isn't the friendliest to car spotters and the yet the video at the bottom of the page allows you to check out the 2019 Porsche 935 in all its might.

While the official car comes dressed in white, wearing the traditional Martini graphics, the one we have here comes in all-black form. So we can now be certain - if Batman were to drive a Zuffenhausen machine, he'd definitely go for a 935.

Sure, this Zuffenhausen machine isn't street-legal, but we're talking about a Batmobile here, so perhaps a few strings could be pulled.

And since the superhero would have to hoon the thing on public roads, it's exhaust couldn't be all that loud.

Well, it seems the German carmaker has already prepared for this, as the GT2 RS engine of the racecar, with its 700 hp, sounds a bit muffled. Of course, the lack of a screaming exhaust could always be related to tracks around the world having sound limits - remember when the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 prototypes were deemed too loud for the Nurburgring and had to use extra muffling?

The driver of the Porsche 935 doesn't cut the racecar any slack, hitting the vibrators hard, with the machine launching in the air. Then again, give the fact that the final details of the beast are curently being polished, this only comes natural.

Speaking of circuit time, we're all extremely curious to see the Nurburgring number of the newcomer, but we might not get the desired lap time.

So all we can do for now is to consider the 6:47.3 Green Hell number into consideration, while also taking into account the extra aero and the less weight of the 935.

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