New Porsche 934.5 Based on 911 GT2 RS Rendered As The Outcast

Now that Porsche has revived the 935 as a racecar based on the 2019 911 GT2 RS, the Internet has obviously gone wild, dreaming on a wider lineup of the sort.
New Porsche 934.5 Based on 911 GT2 RS Rendere 1 photo
So here we are, bringing you a rendering of a modern-day 934.5, which also uses the 2RS as a starting pointm as you can instalntly notice when checking out the pixel play.

With the introduction out of the way, allow us to deliver the tale of the oddity that was the 934.5.

The story kickes off with the 1976 Porsche 934, the racing incarnation of the first 911 Turbo (the 930). Competing in the GT4 class, hence the final digit in its name, the racecar managed to grab the European GT championship and the Trans-Am championship in its maiden season.

As for the 1976 Porsche 935, this was developed for next-year's FIA Group 5 racing class (see what they did with the nameplate?), this grew into an elongated body racecar (this is where the Moby Dick nickname came from) that won a third of the races it entered, gaining Le Mans victory in 1979.

Nevertheless, the 934.5 came to the world when Porsche fitted the hefty wheels and rear wing of the 935 to the 934 for the 1977 IMSA series - the (obviously) rear-mounted 3.0-liter flat-six motor worked a massive KKK turbo to deliver 590 ponies.

With the IMSA banning the effort before it could set wheel on track, the 934.5 moved to the rival SCCA Trans-Am series, where it grabbed the 1977 title. That's when the racer that found himself in second place behind the wheel of a 934 filed a complain against the 934.5 and convince the officials to invalidate the latter's victory.

However, this didn't stop Porsche from celebrating the interim racecar's Trans-Am victory, while the controversy of the machine has turned it into a collector favorite.

Oh, and by the way, in case you're wondering where tuners like Rauh-Welt Begriff received the uber-fat fender inspiration from, you should know the 934.5 is responsible.

And the digital artist behind this render (Jonsibal) happens to own an RWB Neunelfer. In fact, the man dropped a few lines to explain his render:"Was thoroughly inspired coming back from #RRVI [this year's Rennsport Reunion] that I thought I design a 934.5 tribute based on the 991 GT2 RS. Something similar to how Porsche did the original 934.5 with wide fenders etc but retaining the headlight set up,"

Returning to the original Porsche 934.5, here's the machine doing its thing on the track:

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