New Phone, Same Problems: Android Auto Not Launching on Latest Android Flagship

OnePlus 9 Pro has officially been unveiled only a few days ago, and now the early buyers are already coming across the first struggles.
OnePlus 9 Pro 1 photo
Fortunately, they’re not necessarily related to the device itself but to the experience with Android Auto, as some report on Google’s forums that running the app isn’t possible on their brand-new and shiny Android flagships.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Android Auto reports lately, you should find these new errors rather familiar, as the app just fails to launch when the OnePlus 9 Pro is connected to the head unit.

Several users confirmed the same problems on their new OnePlus devices, explaining that the phones detect the head unit, only that Android Auto fails to launch. There’s no error message or anything like that, and turning to generic workarounds like changing the connection method produces no improvements.

Someone says the same problems are also encountered with a regular OnePlus 9 (not the Pro model), and in some cases, Android Auto started after repeatedly plugging and unplugging the device.

One user recommends downgrading to Android Auto 5.8, adding that similar connection issues have also been experienced on Samsung models. You can find older Android Auto versions on this page.

At this point, however, there’s no confirmation that downgrading to an earlier Android Auto release fixes the OnePlus 9 connectivity glitch.

Google’s community specialists have only posted a generic response regarding connectivity problems, so at this point, the company is yet to publicly acknowledge this issue.

In the meantime, Google is getting ready to roll out a new update for Android Auto, with the release expected to take place as soon as the next week. At this point, it’s not yet known what Android Auto 6.3 is supposed to come with, but it’s most likely a bugfix-packed update that will further refine the experience with the app on certain phone models and head units.


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