New Nissan Skyline 350GT Spotted in Japan, Is Actually the Infiniti Q50

The Skyline name is probably the only one that Nissan owns the rights to still send shivers down our spines. That's the only reason why we're bringing you this next story, which has the potential to shake loose a few of your neurons!
Nissan Skyline 350GT 11 photos
Nissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GTNissan Skyline 350GT
Nissan has announced that it wants to introduce its Infiniti sub-brand to Japanese consumers back in 2013. The model chose to herald its arrival is of course the all-new Q50 sedan, but instead of keeping that name, which by the way has a lot of tradition, they're using "Skyline nameplates and Infiniti badges. Yeah, you heard right: the new Nissan Skyline wears the Infiniti badge but is still a Nissan. Makes no sense whatsoever!

It's basically the same car built in the same factory as the Q50, but there are some small changes. The turning signals are white, there's a "Skyline" piece of trim connecting the taillights and trim is a little different.

On sale since late February, we've managed to find a nice walkaround video of the new Skyline courtesy of Driver High Channel. This shows the only version available of the car, the "350GT" which is the known as the Q50 Hybrid everywhere else. Its powertrain pairs a 3.5-liter V6 good for 295 hp with a 50 kW electric motor and a battery. The "FOUR" on its boot is there because all-wheel drive has been specced for what we can only presume is a Nissan dealer's show car somewhere in Japan.

In case you're sold on the looks of the new Skyline 350GT, know that its price ranges from 4,496,100 yen to 5,537,700 yen (about $45,000 to $55,000) including consumption tax.

"Offering unprecedented driving pleasure, its sensuous design, advanced technology and performance will be new benchmarks for luxury models. What supports these are Nissan's great technology strength and expertise in design gained by the development of Nissan Motor Company's world-class premium brand, Infiniti. As its proof, the new Skyline carries Infiniti badge," company officials say. We'll let you guys be the judge of that with a full photo gallery.

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