New MV Agusta AMG Concept Arrives, but Based on the GT Yellow Edition

After Mercedes got their hands on a 25% participation in MV Agusta, imagination and fears ran amok. The first, because people are expecting to see mind-blowing motorcycles rolling out the doors of the Schiranna factory, showing the world that top-drawer car-making tradition can blend with premium motorcycle craftsmanship and shake hands in products which are more spectacular than anything else in the past. Fears… because some of the purist MV Agusta fans are not taking kindly to Germans getting involved in changing the bikes they love.
MV Agusta AMG Concept 9 photos
Photo: Daniele Pelligra
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However, it’s nice to see MV Agusta being able to attract such a massive funding and getting more money for development. It’s rather hard to believe that the German stakeholders will want to make changes to the very spirit of an iconic Italian bike maker.Iif you looks at Ducati, Audi’s presence in Borgo Panigale is technically unnoticeable when you look at the bikes.

How long until the first actual AMG-inspired model is created?

Italian creator Daniele Pelligra brings forward a new MV Agusta concept whose base lines are derived from a real AMG car, the GT Yellow Edition. Still a rather shy presence in the world of concept, Pelligra’s AMG concept does however ask certain questions which need an answer.

Will there be an AMG MV Agusta? Will Schiranna jump into the sport-adventure game? Is MV Agusta planning a revival of its line-up, now that money flows in? The only thing we can do is play along the bike designer’s tune and… speculate.

Daniele Pelligra’s proposal is definitely aimed at the new, flourishing sport-adventure segment. Bikes such as the new KTM 1050 Adventure, BMW’s S1000XR and the still illusive EBR 1190AX should give you a decent idea on what sport-adventure is all about, in case you’re not familiar with the new kids on the block just yet.

The first thing we noticed was the 4-port underseat exhaust, which instantly made us think about an F4 R-derived machine. It just doesn’t make sense to have a three-cylinder engine with a 4-vent silencer, does it? Now, taking a closer look at the tall tail and the V the front of the midship and the rear make, and adding the not-so-good-looking collector bash plate to the game sort of spells a road-adventure sport bike. Sport-adventure, that is.

AMG GT-inspired grilles, but a rather simple bodywork

The two side vents in the fairing are clearly “borrowed” from the yellow AMG, and it’s nice to see Pelligra integrating them with the bike in a natural way. What’s below them is much too simple and too common for an MV Agusta, but since this is only the initial attempt, we can expect the final concept to sport a more intricate design. Flat surfaces, straight lines and edges just aren’t Schiranna’s thing.

Looking at the bike from one side we cannot help noticing the GS-inspired arching line ending below the headlight in a shy attempt to reproduce a beak. For some strange reason, a motorcycle’s beak has become an emblem for adventure, but reading this article will show you how silly this is.

Finally, we must add that Daniele Pelligra’s MV Agusta AMG Concept does seem to be able to accommodate panniers and maybe a top case, for real touring capabilities. The design can definitely be revised and upgraded, but if MV Agusta plans to make a flashy entry in the sport-adventure segment, they could certainly use some input from creators such as Pelligra.
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