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New Mexico Sues Volkswagen on Dieselgate Issue

Volkswagen’s Dieselgate emissions scandal has hit a new high in the United States of America, where the state of New Mexico has decided to sue the company and its divisions.
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The state of New Mexico has become the first US state to bring Volkswagen to court over this issue, and the lawsuit also involves the Audi and Porsche brands for their respective diesel engines that were fitted with emission defeat devices.

The lawsuit accuses Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and their subsidiaries in the United States of violating the state’s air quality standards, along with engaging in aggressive marketing campaigns to pass off certain diesel models as clean and efficient.

The state of New Mexico is not the first entity to sue Volkswagen on its Dieselgate situation, though, as the US Justice Department brought the German company to court on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency. In the case regarding the EPA, Volkswagen’s penalties for violating the Clean Air Act could add up to over $20 billion in fines.

In Asia, South Korea wants to sue Volkswagen as well, on similar charges. Judging by how things are going in this case, the German company could be caught up in many legal battles worldwide by the time 2016 is over.

Citing an Associated Press story, Autoblog reports that dozens of state attorneys general have teamed up for this civil investigation. On the other side, Volkswagen’s spokespersons have declined to comment on the upcoming legal battle.

According to the initiators of the lawsuit, between 4,000 and 10,000 affected models were delivered to New Mexico. The prosecutors of the case want to start a trial with a jury and seek damages and penalties.

In the worst case scenario, Volkswagen could be fined for each day of its vehicles violating the state’s air quality act. The nitrogen oxide emissions of the affected cars exceeded the maximum emission limits by up to 40%.


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