New Mercedes-Maybach Brand to Be Unveiled at LA Next Month

Mercedes-benz S63 AMG Long 1 photo
Photo: Catalin Garmacea
The Maybach brand was revived by Daimler in 2002 to great acclaim amongst those that actually knew what it used to stand for. After the takeover, things seemed to be going well for a couple of years, up until 2012 when Mercedes-Benz decided to let it slip into oblivion, silently, without making too much fuss about it.
Truth be told, the Maybach models used older S-Class chassises that were no longer fit for the executives and tycoons that were using them. A need for a refresh rose and things were bound to change.

Its been two years since the world started speculating around what will come of Maybach but not a word from a Mercedes-Benz official saying that it’s going in either way. First there were the rumors that the Pullman models will replace Maybach and that the double-M logo will forever be forgotten. Then, something changed and we started hoping once again.

According to Yahoo Cars, Gordon Wagener, Mercedes’ head of global design, told them at the US Media launch of the S-Class Coupe that there are plans set in motion to bring back the Maybach name.

Fitting right in with the current developments in Stuttgart, the company apparently wants to divide its products into three sub-brands: Mercedes-Benz for volume cars, Mercedes-AMG for the sportier ones and Mercedes-Maybach for the flagship limousines with luxurious features onboard.

Longer body, more luxury than a regular S-Class

According to the same official, the car will be about 5.5-meters long or 18 feet which would translate into a difference of nine inches compared to the long-wheelbase S550 that is basically the longest version of the S-Class. Keep in mind that is the size in the best case scenario as not exact figures have been released just yet.

Why not longer? The old Maybach 57 was longer than this but that brought along a couple of problems as well, along the added comfort the occupants in the back seat benefited from. At the same time, stretching the S-Class too far would create even aesthetical problems: “We had to work to get the proportions right in the C-pillar area,” Wagener was quoted as saying.

What about the engine?

It’s basically a no-brainer. Unless Mercedes decides to give the Maybach branch a new engine, it’s probably going to be the same one used on the S65 AMG, a 6-liter bi-turbo V12 plant making 630 HP and 1,001 Nm (738 lb-ft) of torque. That should be enough to carry the heavy limousine around.

The Mercedes-Maybach is also expected to spawn an SUV model to go up against the latest craziness from manufacturers such as Bentley, Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce. This one too would use the same engine. Expect the Mercedes-Maybach model to make a first appearance at the LA Auto Show next month, as Wagener confirmed.
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