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New Luxury Aircraft With Award-Winning Safety Tech Is the Ultimate Personal Jet

When a private jet that already started out as a premium, innovative aircraft keeps getting better and better, you know that you’re in for a totally luxurious experience – from its looks, to how comfortable and safe you feel.
The newly-launched G2+ Vision Jet comes in a variety of colors, with a customizable interior 9 photos
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A well-known name in personal aviation, Cirrus Aircraft unveiled its latest private and business offering, the G2+ Vision Jet. Just in time for summer trips, whether for pleasure or work, this new model blends a sporty silhouette and stunning interior with increased performance, connectivity and award-winning safety systems.

The original Vision Jet, which became the world’s first single-engine Personal Jet, was launched in 2016. Not only did it offer high-level comfort, thanks to its spacious cabin and panoramic windows, but it was the only turbine aircraft to feature a whole airframe parachute system, as standard equipment. Three years later, the G2 Vision was launched, with several technology upgrades, plus a boost in altitude, speed and range.

This year’s newly launched G2+ Vision makes an even bolder statement. First of all, the Williams FJ33-5A engine can now deliver 20% increased performance during takeoff, due to the optimized thrust profile. This means an increased range, better performance in hot temperatures and high elevations, as well as access to additional airports in the world.

Connectivity is huge in the automotive industry right now, so a personal jet couldn’t be the exception. The G2+ Vision premieres the Gogo InFlight WiFi, plus USB-C ports, so that the passengers and the pilot can maintain real-time communication with anyone on the ground. And they’ll be doing so while enjoying the largest cabin in this class, with plenty of legroom, premium leather seats, climate control features and noise reduction.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Cirrus private jet is that it provides not just one, but 2 award-winning safety systems. The company’s own Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) received the Collier Trophy from the National Aeronautic Association. Then, Garmin’s Safe Return Emergency Autoland, a system that enables passengers to land the jet with the touch of a button, in case of emergency, was also recently awarded the same trophy. Together, these two provide a unique safety solution that makes the G2+ Vision a truly reliable personal jet.

For an extra touch of fun, the new jet also comes with new colorways, like a vibrant Volt or Bimini Blue. Not to mention that every Vision Jet owner gets to enjoy a premier pilot training experience, at the company’s Vision Center Campus.


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