New Lexus IS Plays Custom Music Track

In a new TV spot titled “Music Track,” an Ultrasonic Blue 2011 Lexus IS sport sedan takes the role of a musician and ‘plays’ 122 percussion instruments to create a special beat, as part of the “Wield Precision” campaign for the model. The campaign will also be featured in an outdoor, print, mobile and online banner campaign, among others.

The instruments are placed in a warehouse and arranged to create a precision-driving course full of angles and straightaways. Each has a tiny lever. As the vehicle navigates the raceway it touches every lever, creating the beat.

“We wanted to create a dynamic way to illustrate the IS’s agility on the road,”
said Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus. “Our engineers strive to develop innovative technology that provides the driver with an exhilarating experience. The concept of creating a music track using drums, levers and the IS showcases the car’s precision on the road and offers viewers both an auditory and visual feel for the excitement of getting behind the wheel of an IS.”

The performance was put together with the help of a team of music composers, a mathematician and a skilled stunt driver. First, a music production company composed and designed the music track. Next the sheet notes on a page were translated into a physical track for the car to maneuver. This is when the mathematician took over to determine how and where to place the drums based on calculations of the car’s speed, the beat of the music and the space allocation on the course.

The third step was to work with a production designer to create a system of levers that would set off the drums when the wheels of the vehicle rolled over them. Finally, driver Eddie Braun had to ensure a beat that was accurate within fractions of a second.

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