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New KTM Duke Prototypes Look Like Quick Ponies in Fresh Spy Shots

When one thinks of a motorcycle, the image that first comes to mind is that of a powerful two-wheeler, meant to be tamed by an experienced rider. Yet in the spy shots we have here, the future KTM 125 and 250 Duke show that even smaller, less powerful machines can look just as spectacular.
KTM 125 Duke 17 photos
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The Dukes have been around in the Austrian bike maker’s portfolio for close to three decades now. At the moment, the range comprises anything from single-cylinder machines to much more potent V-twins. The two bikes shown in the gallery above belong to the single-cylinder family, and they're preparing to completely refresh the range once ready.

The main thing the 125 and 250 are hoped to bring to the range is greater differentiation between models. To achieve that, KTM went all out to provide the two-wheelers with fresh frames, suspension, and engines.

Both the entry-level 125 and its sibling, the 250, should come out and play as completely new pieces of hardware sometime in 2023. According to our sources, “hardly a screw will be adopted from the predecessor,” making both of them something to really look forward to.

Given how the two new models' market launch is not scheduled for a couple more years, not much is known about the exact changes to be featured on the bikes. However, we do see the telltale signs of future upgrades, from the new frame to the redesigned swingarms.

The Duke family is extremely important for KTM and sells in most of the regions the bike maker is present. The models are also a driving force behind India’s rise to the top of KTM’s best markets list. In just six years since introducing the 200 Duke, the country overtook all other markets in 2019, with over 200,000 Indian riders choosing an Austrian two-wheeler.


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