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New Heavy-Duty Electric Motor Promises 3,500 Nm at 1,000 RPM

The name Equipmake might not ring any bells, but for the past two years, the British company has been promising to revolutionize the electric vehicle segment. Specializing in electric motors, Equipmake revealed this week a new, potentially game-changing piece of hardware.
Equipmake HTM 3500 6 photos
Equipmake HTM 3500Equipmake HTM 3500Equipmake HTM 3500Equipmake HTM 3500Equipmake HTM 3500
Called HTM 3500, the new motor has been designed to provide high torque at low speeds: 3,500 Nm (2,581 lb-ft) at just 1,000 rpm, as per the data provided, values that make the new piece perfect for use in buses, mining trucks, or other such heavy machinery.

To demonstrate the motor’s capabilities, but also as a means to “allow any bus coachbuilder to become a full electric bus manufacturer almost overnight,” the Brits promise to complete sometime soon work on an electric bus platform called EBus.

“The HTM 3500 is the perfect motor for heavy-duty electric commercial vehicles such as buses, mining trucks and HGVs offering enormous amounts of torque from extremely low motor speeds,” said in a statement Ian Foley, Managing Director at Equipmake.

“While it pushes the boundaries of conventional interior permanent magnet motor design, it does so reliably and cost-effectively and, by being direct drive, negates the need for a gearbox allowing more efficient packaging of an electric drivetrain.”

As for the other solutions for electric cars it is working on, Equipmake came into the spotlight back in March with a 3D-printed motor it calls “the world’s most power dense.”

There are actually two versions of it. The first is called APM 120 and it’s a 14-kg (31-pound) package that peaks at 168 hp at 12,000 rpm, resulting in 9 kW (12 hp) of power per kg. The more powerful APM 200 weighs 40 kg (88 pounds) and peaks at 295 hp at 10,000 rpm, meaning it has a power density of 5 kW (6.7 hp) per kg.

Equipmake does not say when the motors it is working on will become widely available for the interested companies.

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