New GTA 6 Map Leaks, Of Course It’s Fake

Rockstar hasn’t said a single thing about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, and yet, the game keeps making the headlines every now and then thanks to all the information coming through unofficial channels and claiming to disclose several key tidbits about the game.
Screenshot from the leaked video 6 photos
Screenshot from fake GTA 6 videoScreenshot from fake GTA 6 videoScreenshot from fake GTA 6 videoScreenshot from fake GTA 6 videoScreenshot from fake GTA 6 video
Most recently, however, someone has dropped online what they promised was the map of the new GTA 6, revealing a bunch of locations in what appears to be the updated Vice City.

Needless to say, GTA fans who are eager to play the game received the leak with much excitement, especially given all the secrecy around Rockstar’s upcoming release and how hard the company seems to be trying to keep everything away from our eyes and ears.

And yet, the whole thing is fake, and to be honest, it’s not even too difficult to figure this out.

It’s pretty clear that whoever posted this online tried to make the leak look as legit as possible with all the shakes and blurry parts, but on the other hand, it all seems to be just an edited or chopped up map based on the current version in GTA V. The icons are likely fake too, and the video transitions appear to be made in some sort of editing software rather than come from Rockstar.

So no, this isn’t the real GTA 6 map, and more importantly, you really shouldn’t expect such a leak to happen anytime soon.

Recent information has revealed that Rockstar plans to launch the next Grand Theft Auto in 2025, and the timing seems just about right given the company is now getting ready to unveil an enhanced version of GTA V in the first place.

The development of GTA 6 is said to be in the early stages right now, so leaks like the one that’s all over the web these days are all just nonsense that some people believe it’s fun to post online.


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