New Google Maps Update Now Available on iPhone and CarPlay with Big Changes

While Apple users are provided with Apple Maps as the native mapping solution that also includes navigation capabilities, Google Maps continues to be one of the preferred choices anyway.
Google Maps on CarPlay 9 photos
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And while it makes little sense to discuss the reasons that make Google Maps such a popular choice even on Apple’s own playground, it worth knowing is that the app keeps getting refinements on a regular basis.

A new version of Google Maps for iPhone and CarPlay is now available for download from the App Store, bringing the app to build 6.16.

As it typically happens when Google ships a new Google Maps update, the company hasn’t provided any release notes on the App Store to tell us what’s new in this version. However, we already know that Google Maps for iOS version 6.16 is a big release.

The first big change is the integration of photos in the timeline, which can now be displayed on the map in Google Maps. This feature can be disabled from settings if you don’t want the Google Photos content to be shown on the map.

But what’s more important for Apple users is that Google Maps no longer supports iOS 13.3 anymore. In other words, if your iPhone is running this particular version of the operating system (or even older), you’re not getting the latest Google Maps update.

This means you must update the device to at least iOS 13.4 to be provided with new Google Maps versions going forward.

As it’s usually the case when a new version of Google Maps is released, the latest update also includes additional polishing and improvements that should make the app overall more stable and reliable.

Users are obviously recommended to update Google Maps as soon as possible, though keep in mind that only iPhones running iOS 13.4 or later are seeing the update on the App Store.

Editor's note: The gallery also includes screenshots of Apple Maps running on an iPhone.


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