New Forza Motorsport Gameplay Reveals Breathtaking Racing, Crisp Graphics, and Great Sound

Forza Motorsport 4K In-Game Footage 13 photos
Photo: Forza on YouTube
Forza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport DeveloperForza Motorsport GameplayForza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport In-Game 4K FootageForza Motorsport In-Game 4K Footage
If you are ready for some serious virtual racing on some of the world’s most famous tracks with a couple of your favorite vehicles, then don’t watch the video that’s at the end of the article. It’ll only make you want to play the game and it’s not ready yet. However, we get a great look at what the developers are doing for that immersive gaming experience we all crave. Here’s the latest.
Forza Motorsport is slowly but surely coming! Built from scratch to work perfectly on current-generation Xbox X and S consoles, this racing game looks very promising. Creative Director Chris Esaki reminds us that it will be “the most technically advanced racing game ever made.”

The game will debut with an impressive collection of over 500 customizable cars, according to Vehicle Art Director Gabe Garcia. Gamers will be able to pick their favorite vehicle and choose their preferred upgrades from an unexpectedly large collection of 800 unique add-ons. Out of those over 500 vehicles available at launch, more than 100 will be “new-to-Motorsport” cars.

Forza Motorsport will have better physics than the last three Forza Motorsport games, which impacts the driving experience. You’ll be able to see and hear new aspects regarding acceleration, cornering, and braking. Thanks to the progress made in the hardware department by consoles, the 4K 60FPS quality of the videogame promises a viewing experience that will amplify every gaming session. As some may have expected, ray tracing is important and, of course, available.

Forza Motorsport In\-Game 4K Footage
Photo: Forza on YouTube
The developers also claim that they’ve put a lot of work into how car colors look on the screen. They used a spectrophotometer to learn how light impacts certain surfaces in various conditions and rendered this complicated process into a virtual existence.

Taking it to the next level

Trashing a car on the track will soon reflect better on the vehicle’s body as damage, dirt, and chipping will happen more realistically, thanks to a couple of nifty innovations. The creators thought about paint thickness, aerodynamics, and places where these events happen. This means only one thing – it’s going to be hard to have a garage princess in this game.

Project Audio Director Chase Combs joined the others and said that Forza Motorsport will provide a great-sounding experience thanks to native mixing and improved audio formats. Yes, the spatial experience provided by Dolby Atmos surround sound tech is included. These advancements will be reflected even by the upgrades gamers might choose to install on their cars. Adding a turbo, for example, is going to be something you won’t be able to miss.

The tire and suspension noises have also been enhanced and will bring a very specific change to the gaming experience. High-skilled drivers know their racing cars very well and adapt their driving even based on little things like how the tires sound in situations where they struggle for traction while doing high-speed cornering. You might do so too very soon.

Forza Motorsport In\-Game 4K Footage
Photo: Forza on YouTube
Forza Motorsport is coming with 20 environments at launch, meaning you’ll be able to race on some of the world’s most famous tracks. An interesting addition is the Kyalami Circuit in South Africa, for example. The developers laser-scanned these places and made sure to replicate them in the virtual realm so you can get the full experience without compromise. Even fully animated 3D spectators will be in the galleries to cheer for you.

Patience might be needed

But probably the most important part is the fact that time passes organically, so your circuit racing will feel like you’re involved in the real deal. Changes in the weather, track temperature, light, and residue left by cars will keep gamers on their toes. You’ll have to factor in a bunch of new data for the (very satisfying) win. Doing multiple laps won't feel like a repetitive thing any longer.

One of the highlights of the game is that it comes with calculations made for how light rays reflect in various circumstances and for multiple surfaces.

The game will feature a new single-player mode anchored in the car modding scene. Gamers on various platforms have been requesting this for some time now. It looks like Turn 10 Studios listened. Since it will also be available on Steam, this is a decision that might bring the developers much praise. Of course, the multiplayer mode is not going away, and we might witness the formation of a whole new community.

Finally, what the developers didn’t touch on in this exciting update are the overall driving experience and the career mode. But since the game has been delayed so more complex features get built-in, we must wait and have a little more faith. After all, we included it in our Top 5 most anticipated driving games for 2023, didn't we? It's coming this year. Get ready!

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