New Forza Horizon 5 Exploit Provides Free Money & XP While AFK

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Gamers rejoice! There's a whole new way to gain money and XP while totally away from your gaming station. Forza Horizon 5 allows for an almost comically silly hack that provides both commodities.
If you love racing games then there's no doubt that you've at least heard about Forza Horizon 5. Most likely, you've played it and found that it's no walk in the park. Some cars are even locked out if you haven't played previous titles.

Nevertheless, fans have already found exploits here and there. Just a day ago we reported on one such exploit that allowed players to buy hundreds of Willys Jeeps to make more money. Now we have a whole other method.

This method is better though because once it's set up you won't need to be at your gaming console. In fact, you'll gain money and XP as well. In the video below we see the clear direction on how to achieve this hilarious hack.

First, your difficulty settings must be precisely set so that the car will essentially drive itself. Drivatar difficulty must be set to Unbeatable, Braking to Assisted, Steering to Auto-steering, Traction and stability control must be on, Shifting set to automatic, Driving line must be on, and tire wear and damage must be off.

Then go to the garage and pick a car that has perfect braking and handling. The video suggests sorting by "Extreme Track Toys". Then head over to the event lab inside of the creative hub and select the event blueprints tab.

Inside of that scroll to "Trending Today" and select the race that suits your preferences. Once inside, use a literal rubber band or any similar device to force your accelerator button down. The car will drive the course perfectly until the finish. All the while you'll be gaining prize money and XP. Happy racing!
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