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New Footage of Bumblebee Camaro from T4 Set in Hong Kong

For Transformers 4, director Michael Bay decided to go back to the drawing board and give the franchise a new look. That includes a fresh, ore mature cast spearheaded by Mark Wahlberg, and a new look for the cars as well.
T4 Bumblebee 8 photos
T4 BumblebeeT4 BumblebeeT4 BumblebeeT4 BumblebeeT4 BumblebeeT4 BumblebeeT4 Bumblebee
We caught up with the latest developments of the film as various videos of him filming in Hong Kong are popping up on Youtube. Bay's remains silent about what they're doing in the city, but in an interivew with The South China Morning Post, he said that the Autobots are rescuing something in the city, probably an alien device.

Thanks to Car News China, we have fresh photos of the new Bumblebee in car form, his version of the Camaro being unlike anything that we've ever from GM's styling department. What are the chances this is actually what the next-gen Camaro looks like?

Filming also reveals three Chevy Trax crossovers that we've never seen before in the car. Could they be autobots, or just ordinary vehicles?

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction will hit US cinemas next June.

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