New Dacia Duster Gets Tracks, Looks Like an Affordable Crossover-Tank

New Dacia Duster Gets Tracks, Looks Like an Affordable Crossover-Tank 3 photos
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New Dacia Duster Gets Tracks, Looks Like an Affordable Crossover-TankNew Dacia Duster Gets Tracks, Looks Like an Affordable Crossover-Tank
The Dacia Duster might be just another crossover in Europe, but some Romanians still view it as a source of national pride. And just like the Italian Carabinieri as to mess around with Lambos, Romania's Jandarmeria (militarized police force) just messed around with the Duster, adding tacks.
This bad boy was unveiled at the 2018 BSDA, one of those defense-oriented shows where the kids say they want to become something cool like a fireman or sniper. Even though most of them will end up doing desk work, there's still a chance they might want a Duster.

We've seen plenty of trucks fitted with gear like this at the SEMA Show, and Ken Block has even gotten his tracked Subaru sideways. However, the rubbers seen here are just as much a source of pride for the Romanians as the Duster because they've been developed domestically.

Pierre Lavivier, the head of the company that made them, says possible applications also include agriculture, ambulances and even the hotel business. They can be mounted easily within about an hour and cost €10,700 for the set.

There are limitations as well. You can't drive as fast, and the mechanical complexity of the tracks means they won't last as long as regular rubber. While many Dusters are 2-wheel-drive, you probably need an AWD model in Lock mode to take advantage of the added traction.

Mechanically, the new Duster is the same as its predecessor, down to the outputs of the engines. However, slightly reduced departure angle, compensated by the hill descent control system.

In the 1960's, Romanian authorities decided they wanted a car for the people, and Renault offered the tools to make its 8 model which became the Dacia 1300. The brand is 52 years old, and the Duster is the most successful car currently made by Renault-Nissan if you include the re-branded versions.

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