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New Chevy Nomad Wants to Join the Electric Party, Does It Have Your Approval?

Save for a few concepts released over the years, Chevrolet hasn’t used the Nomad moniker for a few decades now. However, a modern digital take on the station wagon brings back the nameplate, with a very premium whiff.
Chevrolet Nomad - Rendering 8 photos
Chevrolet Nomad - RenderingChevrolet Nomad - RenderingChevrolet Nomad - RenderingChevrolet Nomad - RenderingChevrolet Nomad - RenderingChevrolet Nomad - RenderingAudi RS 6 Avant by ABT
Why premium, you ask? For the simple fact that the pixel manipulator behind these renderings, andras.s.veres on Instagram used the body of an Audi RS 6, tuned by ABT Sportsline, to come up with the digital illustrations.

Looking very different from the executive estate born in Ingolstadt, on which it was based, this hypothetical take on a modern-day Chevrolet Nomad is instantly recognizable as a bowtie brand model up front, with slim headlamps joined together by a thin light strip.

With its aggressive trim and large air intakes, the bumper is very Camaro-ish. The hood has been softened up, while the doors and front and rear quarter panels are carried over from ABT’s Audi RS 6 Avant, with a few tweaks. The roofline is taller, which would open up more headroom for those sitting at the back, and would also improve the cargo area.

Finally, the rendering artist gave it new wheels, with Chevy center caps, and painted the body red, in a different hue, contrasted by a few black accents, including the side trim and the roof. The model was unofficially christened the Chevrolet Nomad E SS, with the ‘E’ in its name obviously standing for ‘electric.’ As a result, the punchy V8 of the RS 6 was replaced by a couple of electric motors, driving the front and rear wheels, backed up by a battery pack.

A brand-new Nomad seems like a huge stretch at this point, with such body styles becoming less popular in the West. Moreover, the GM-owned brand has other things on its plate, including the next-gen Camaro that will reportedly turn into a zero-emission sedan, but if by some miracle they decide to launch a big wagon again, would you consider buying it?


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