New CarPlay Update Now Available, Early Reviews Already Concerning

Strange things are happening in the CarPlay world, as the system once considered the more reliable alternative to Android Auto had become a nightmare that many people can’t seem to find a way to deal with.
CarPlay users coming across even more problems after the latest update 6 photos
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The release of iOS 15 last month has caused quite a struggle for lots of users out there, with random disconnects, app crashes, and even interface freezes turning an otherwise stable experience into something that could easily push users to Google’s alternative.

With Apple sticking to its typical FBI-like secrecy, therefore not even acknowledging the problems or promising a fix, everybody was keeping their fingers crossed for the next updates to bring some improvements on the CarPlay front.

And they do, as iOS 15.0.2, which was released to supported iPhones earlier this week, comes to address a problem causing CarPlay to fail to open audio apps or disconnect during playback.

In other words, all the problems that users have previously experienced with music apps (you know, the ones requiring the EQ to be disabled as a workaround) should now be gone, and without a doubt, this is good news.

But according to several reddit users who installed this iOS update on their iPhones, the new version produced more harm than good.

This is because CarPlay has started disconnecting in the middle of the drive, sometimes not even connecting at all, while others claim they can no longer adjust the volume in their music apps. And everything is happening with configurations that worked just perfectly before the update to iOS 15.0.2.

So right now, it looks like the struggle just continues, though once again, nobody knows for sure if another fix is planned or not. In the meantime, no workaround has been discovered just yet to resolve all these new CarPlay problems, but if you haven’t installed iOS 15.0.2 on your device and everything is working properly on the CarPlay front, you may want to think twice before updating the iPhone.


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