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New Bugatti Hypercar Teased Ahead of Tomorrow's Unveiling, Is It the Chiron Roadster?

Earlier this week, Bugatti took to social media to release a teaser clip of an upcoming product. Fast forward a few days, and that same vehicle has become the subject of yet another video, which shows its unique taillight signature this time.
Bugatti - Teaser 6 photos
Bugatti - TeaserBugatti - TeaserBugatti - TeaserBugatti - TeaserBugatti - Teaser
Looking unlike anything the Molsheim company currently makes, the LED taillights have a V shape and appear to incorporate an illuminated ‘Bugatti’ logo in the middle. The same goes for the face too, whose headlamp signature doesn’t resemble the one of the regular Chirons, nor those of its derivatives.

So, what are we looking at? “The last of its kind,” according to Bugatti, with the short caption accompanying the latest teaser likely referring to the powertrain. It is possible that it will be their last model to pack an internal combustion engine with no electrification whatsoever, as their future is obviously electric, and they have joined forces with Rimac for that.

Some news outlets believe that this is actually the Chiron Roadster, but we wouldn’t bet our bottom dollar on it, and that’s because of the bespoke lighting signature at both ends. Sure, it would seem like an obvious move to chop the roof off their hypercar. Its predecessor, the Veyron, did come in such a body style too, though we’d take this rumor with the proverbial pinch of salt until the grand unveiling.

And speaking of the premiere, Bugatti will officially lift the veil off this mysterious product tomorrow, August 19, at ‘The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.’ The vehicle will be shown at 10:20 PDT (1:20 p.m. EST / 7:20 p.m. CET), and one thing is certain, it will definitely be built in very limited numbers for the brand’s loyal customers. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it has already been sold out. After all, they have already pulled similar stunts.


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