New BMW 4 Series and X5 Have the Same Problems, Says Consumer Reports

BMW doesn't make the ultimate driving machine any more. We basically said that every time we drove one of their newest models, from the sleek new 4 Series coupe to the third generation X5 SUV. While their sales have gone though the roof, compromises have been made and die-hard fans no longer find what they want in Bavaria.
New BMW 4 Series and X5 Have the Same Problems 1 photo
But don't just take our word for it. Check out the latest short video reviews from Consumer Reports. Only 5 minutes of viewing will set you straight. Both the new 4 Series coupe and the X5 have the same flaws: vague steering, a tricky to use gear selector and iDrive system. In addition, the options list is filled with items that are well built but expensive. What the point of calling it a luxury vehicle if everything that's luxury about it is optional?

In both cases, the engines are the only real saving graces. BMW's inline-six 3-liter revs very freely and has very little turbo lag. But without precise steering feel, the whole experience is diluted from sportscar to sports GT in the case of the 4er.

Because of modularity and platform sharing, basically all BMW are available with the same 3-liter engine, from the 1 Series to the 7 Series. That's why, if you want to own the best BMW, get the cheapest and the smallest, either the M135i or the M235i. Both of these models still deserve the title of ultimate driving machine.

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