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New Audi RS7 Coming in Late 2018, e-tron Version With 700 HP to Follow

The second-generation Audi A7 is upon us and with it come new S7 and RS7 models too. Not surprisingly, the rumor about the RS is that it packs more power.
New Audi RS7 Coming in Late 2018, e-tron Version With 700 HP to Follow 1 photo
We've just seen how the 605 horsepower RS7 performance was barely beaten in a drag race by the GT-R and E63 S. That won't happen with the next-gen model, which according to an Evo report will debut in the late part of 2018.

According to the Brits, Marc Lichte, the guy who designs all the Audis since you first laid eyes on the Prologue, confirmed the new super-Sportback. However, he didn't have to since it's been spotted testing. Some details would have been better.

Evo's speculation is that the regular RS7 will be powered by a new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that's shared with the next Bentley Continental GT and the Porsche Panamera Turbo. That part has to be true, but the total output of 650 HP and 600 lb-ft (812 Nm) of torque sounds a little exaggerated.

The Panamera Turbo makes only 550 HP, while the outgoing RS7 puts out 560 HP. Just look at the RS5 Coupe, where they kept the output the same from one generation to the next!

Previous reports suggest the new S8 will make around 530 HP, 10 more than before. They also state that there's going to be an S8 e-tron with a similar powertrain to the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

The RS7 is apparently going to get something similar: 550 HP from a 4-liter V8 and another 150 HP from an electric motor, raising the total output to around 700 HP. If you like to read about fuel consumption figures that will never be achieved in the real world, you'll love this plug-in hybrid.

The specifics of this project remain cloudy, and it could take several years before this flagship four-door coupe is launched. All we know for sure is that it will cost as much as an R8.


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