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New Apple Maps Update Shows How Spooky Planet Earth Can Become

While we expected 2020 to be a time full of innovations, with so many big announcements planned for every single sector of the industry, it’s pretty clear this year had different plans for us.
Apple Maps aerial imagery 10 photos
Apple Maps aerial imageryApple Maps aerial imageryApple Maps aerial imageryApple Maps aerial imageryApple Maps aerial imageryApple Maps aerial imageryApple Maps aerial imageryApple Maps aerial imageryApple Maps aerial imagery
Most of the world spent a good part of the last 12 months indoors for obvious reasons, and unfortunately, it looks like we’re still very far away from the moment everything would come back to normal.

The first-wave lockdown has turned super-crowded parts of the planet into spooky places with not a single human walking on the street, and the latest Apple Maps update for Ireland is a modern way to envision how everything looked like.

The aerial images published online by Apple show certain parts of the world, such as Dublin, without any traffic or humans walking on the street, allowing us to admire the beautiful buildings, the parks, and the city overall in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

While the photos appear like they’ve been captured during the lockdown, there’s a chance they’re actually the result of heavy processing conducted by Apple’s AI, as tech giants typically take several sets of photos and then attempt to erase certain elements for various reasons, including privacy.

It’s not yet clear if this is the case here, though some of the Dublin photos appear to be taken in 2019, so if they’re not captured during the lockdown, they’re a good indicator of how the city looked like when everybody stayed indoors anyway.

As a side note, the quality of the aerial imagery published by Apple Maps is impressive, to say the least, and if anything, this is what sets this service apart from the rest of the crowd. For comparison, Google Maps too provides such images, though they do not match the high resolution that is currently available for Apple users on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.


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