New App Launches on CarPlay to Make Driving an EV Easier

The CarPlay app ecosystem is growing at a steady pace, and the latest big name that makes its debut on the platform is none other than Chargeway.
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If you’re driving an electric vehicle but never heard of Chargeway, well, that’s not right. Chargeway is an application whose purpose is to make it a lot more convenient to find a nearby charging station, all using a very simple approach that no other app currently on the market has.

It uses colored icons displayed on an Apple Maps-powered map to show the nearby charging stations compatible with your EV – obviously, after setting up your EV profile on the first launch.

Then, using numbers that are displayed in these icons, Chargeway lets you know precisely how fast you can recharge your EV. So instead of wasting time searching for a station, tapping the information displayed on the map, and so on, you can get all these details at once without the need for any kind of interaction.

On the other hand, you can just tap any of the displayed stations and then get the directions to reach them, all powered by Apple Maps.

Now this experience is available on CarPlay, as Chargeway is making its way to vehicles sporting Apple’s platform thanks to the latest update. Version 4.1.0 also includes support to view pre-planned trip stations and access current vehicle information, so overall, the app comes with the essential feature package behind the wheel.

For the time being, however, Chargeway comes in handy mostly to EV drivers in the U.S. and Canada, as it supports networks like Greenlots, EVgo, SemaConnect, EVConnect, Chargepoint, Flo, Blink, OpConnect, Electrify America, AeroVironment, Volta, GE Wattstation, and Tesla.

The app can be installed on any iPhone running at least iOS 14, and it’s obviously free of charge for all users. The latest version is the only one that supports the CarPlay experience.

Editor's note: The gallery also shows Waze running on CarPlay.


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