New 2016 BMW X5 M Review Claims the Seats Are Too Hard

When BMW unveiled the new X5 M and X6 M models, the two things that immediately stood out in terms of design were the front seats. They looked absolutely out of this world and we immediately wondered how they would feel.
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Photo: bmw
The thing is, the new M3 and M4 models also brought out new seats and in their case, we felt absolutely wonderful while being wrapped up in their ‘arms’. Well, it looks like you won’t get the same feeling inside the new uber-SUVs.

The guys from CNET took an F85 X5 M out for a spin and they claim that the seats felt like ‘church pews’. In case you don’t know what those are, we’ll specify (just to make things clear as daylight) that they’re those seats you usually find inside a church that take you back to your childhood and sometimes make you think about the close relationship Jesus had with wood during his final days.

All joking aside, we think that they just wanted to make a point about the harshness of the entire combination and not just the seats per say. The X5 M is, after all, a true M car and its suspension is not exactly the most comfortable one in the universe because it would immediately translate into a rather sluggish, soft car, especially considering how much this thing weighs.

In this regard, we can agree but testimonies from various owners out there claim that they do exactly what they should, offering perfect side bolstering and support. Sure, they might be a bit on the harsh side compared to the luxury seats you can get on the regular X5 but this is no regular SUV, now is it? You’d assume that when someone actually goes out and buys an X5 M, they know what to expect.

Other than that the guys from CNET were spot on with their observations. The Nightvision feature is welcome, especially when it’s really foggy outside, but its positioning on the iDrive screen makes it really distracting to use, as we found testing it. The Bang & Olufsen system is impressive, but it’s not worth all the extra money compared to what the Harman Kardon system can offer and the Executive Package is a must in the case of the X5 M.

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