New 1,000 MPH Train/Airplane Hybrid Is Ten Times More Efficient Than Aircraft

The Zeleros hyperloop concept blends the best of rail transportation and aviation 9 photos
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Zeleros HyperloopZeleros HyperloopZeleros HyperloopZeleros HyperloopZeleros HyperloopZeleros HyperloopZeleros HyperloopZeleros Hyperloop
The idea of transporting passengers or cargo through a tube seemed an outlandish notion back in 1799, when George Medhurst first came up with this concept. Things have continued to change over the years and now, we are closer than ever to not only implementing this type of hybrid transportation mode, but completely changing inter-city transport.
Over the decades, several concepts based on the convergence between railway and aviation have been developed, culminating with the Hyperloop Alpha, popularized by Elon Musk in 2013. Europe is currently so invested in promoting high-speed transport systems that it has established the world’s first hyperloop standardization committee and supports several related projects.

Spanish company Zeleros is set to become a trailblazer in the development of hyperloop systems in Europe. Its co-founders have been awarded in previous contests organized by SpaceX, so creating a mobility startup based on that performance was the next logical step.

What’s groundbreaking about the Zeleros hyperloop concept is the scalable design. Normally, any type of high-speed rail project requires a complex infrastructure that significantly increases costs. The Valencia-based company’s approach was to integrate scalable technologies into the vehicle itself, which makes it suitable for global use, with a much lower cost of infrastructure per mile.

Another key element was increasing safety and reliability. All hyperloop capsules travel at a speed of over 620 mph (1,000 kph), but the Zeleros system brings the additional benefit of operating at aviation pressure levels, instead of space pressure levels, which is safer for passengers and easier to implement.

Also, its electric powertrain makes it 5 to 10 times more energy-efficient than an airplane, when traveling on the same route. Considering that air traffic is already challenged by capacity limits – something that will only accelerate in the future – a sustainable, scalable and cost-effective hyperlooop concept could be the answer.

Zeleros has recently joined forces with strategic industry partners Acciona, CAF Group and EIT InnoEnergy, which will take its hyperloop technology to the next level. Z01, the prototype vehicle, will be displayed at the Spain Pavilion of Expo Dubai, starting from October 2021.
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