Never Underestimate How Mindless Jaywalkers Can Be

It's hard to avoid such crashes 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
There are jaywalkers, and there are jaywalkers. Some of them are very careful when they break the law and are quite concerned about not being hit by vehicles. These fellows are the "safe jaywalkers," if such an abnormal joining of two opposite terms is permitted.
At the far end of the spectrum lie people like the lady in the video below, who are totally clueless and who seem to have an unnatural calling for causing a lot of trouble. These are the guys that appear to wake up in the middle of the road as if they were sleepwalking and were entirely ignorant of their status.

They would panic on almost any occasion and make the most foolish decisions. In certain cases, these fellows may even appear that they are doing this on purpose, even though we know this is only the result of panic-driven, mindless decisions and which are, almost all the time, wrong.

The even nastier aspect of having such people crossing their paths with yours is that only in a small number of situations the motorists can avoid crashing into them, into other road users, or by themselves. Riders are particularly prone to coming off their machines as a result of such encounters.

Watching the video after the jump, we can see how the scooter rider attempts to swerve past the woman in the middle of the road, only to see her starting to run in the same direction. Needless to say, in such circumstances, there is nothing a rider can do to avoid the impact, especially when not traveling at ridiculously low speeds that allow a fast stop.

The only thing that appears to work is scouting the road ahead and being able to spot potential hazards that include jaywalkers of any "type," then slow down to make sure any maneuvers become not only doable but also safe.

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