Iconn E2 Hypercamper
A new age of travel trailers is upon us. We're now starting to see something known as a "Hypercamper," a new breed of off-grid-worthy traveling homes.

Never Heard of a Hypercamper? The Iconn E2 Travel Trailer Is a Perfect Example

Iconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 Hypercamper FridgeIconn E2 Hypercamper KitchenIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 Hypercamper InteriorIconn E2 Hypercamper Bunk BedsIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 Hypercamper InteriorIconn E2 Hypercamper InteriorIconn E2 Hypercamper InteriorIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 Hypercamper StorageIconn E2 Hypercamper StorageIconn E2 HypercamperIconn E2 Hypercamper Utensil Storage
That's what you're looking at here, the Icon E2 Hypercamper from Lifestyle Campers, an Australian crew that's looking to do the whole mobile home game a bit different than what we may be used to. For over 20 years, this team has always focused on innovation, design, and manufacturing. One way to see if you should buy your next travel trailer from this crew is to take a look at one of the products, in this case, the E2.

Like most other camper trailers of this type, the E2 is available in three different layouts, each tuned to specific needs and capacities. With a range of two to four guests, there are options suitable for your needs and family.

For a quick idea of what's in store for you, a layout features one bed suitable for two adults, another features a queen bed plus a bunk, and the final option shows room for four guests with two double bunks.

Your E2 will be completed with a hot-dip galvanized chassis with an undercoat and stone guard, no matter which model you choose. Throw on 12-inch electric brakes and MT tires on 16-inch alloy wheels, and you should be ready to take on the off-road. Then there's the independent coil spring suspension with dual shock absorbers. A Cruisemaster hitch completes this trailer's ability to handle rough terrains.

Iconn E2 Hypercamper
While I couldn't find any information regarding the materials and techniques used in building the E2, trade secrets and all, we can see that it's a pop-up roof trailer with more than enough ins and outs to store whatever your mobile lifestyle requires. Overall, this trinket comes in with a tare weight of 1,550 kg (3,417 lbs) and an ATM of 2,300 kg (5,070 lbs), more than enough room to bring along goods and gear. With a width of 2.02 m (6.63 ft) and length of 5.5 m (18 ft), it's not the largest travel trailer you'll find, but then again, if it was any bigger, it may have a harder time roaming around.

Before we head inside the E2, I want to bring your attention to the kitchen, the most important exterior feature. That's right, at the rear of the port side of this camper, a large swing-out kitchen equipped with two burners, sink, and worktop is available and sitting underneath an awning. The fridge is on a slideout a the front of the E2. Numerous cupboards and pantries house your goods for when you're ready to cook. A water pump with a tap will be supplying water from one 80-liter (21-gallon) water tank to another.

With an electrical system that features a deep cycle battery, 12-volt and USB outlets both inside and outside, a voltmeter, and a portable solar connection hookup, you should be set with the basics. Anything more than this, you'll have to let Lifestyle know.

Iconn E2 Hypercamper Interior
Inside the habitat, guests will be able to find countless storage lockers, drawers, and under-bed storage. A dinette with a fold-over table offers a place to enjoy meals. If you've chosen any bunk bed options, the dinette seats seem to be replaced by bedding. Once the roof is in place, windows you'll find windows, so being inside will still feel as though you're still a part of the great outdoors.

Like most other RV manufacturers on the market, Lifestyle Campers is sure to be all ears on how you'd like to create your dream RV. That said, this crew also offers an array of options to boost your E2's capabilities even further. Take your glamping adventure to the next level with an outdoor shower, awning wall, larger solar panel, and even an extra battery.

As for pricing, I had to give Lifestyle my personal details to get you this info, but the 2021 puppies start off at just 38,950 AUD, equating to roughly 27,705 USD (at current exchange rates). Not bad at all, considering the equipment. However, if you end up wanting one, you may have to fly out to Australia. I looked for one in the U.S. but found none for sale.


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