Need For Speed Puts Together BMW Showdown to Introduce the M2 into the Virtual World

BMW line-up in NFS 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The BMW M2 is on everyone’s lips these days and it looks like the Need For Speed franchise will include it as well. The guys from Electronic Arts, the developers of the new NFS game, wanted to pay tribute to the BMW brand altogether and published a short video on YouTube shortly after the M2 was unveiled.
In it we get to see not only the new M car inside the virtual realm but also some of its predecessors at the same time. The list is made up of the iconic BMW E46 M3, the BMW E92 M3 and its brother the M4, both of them with a twist, and the new M2.

The twist we’re talking about is represented by the present the guys from Vorsteiner offered to the owners of the Bimmers mentioned above: wide body kits.

If you want one of these for the M4, for example, you’re limited to two choices: the Liberty Walk bolt-on kit or the one from Vorsteiner. That being said, unless you like to have the bolts that hold the add-ons glued to the body of the car visible, you’d have to go with the latter choice.

That seems to be the case on the M car featured here that looks utterly sublime. At the same time, all of them look the part, including the new blood.

Speaking of which, this is also a way of letting us know that the new Need For Speed game will feature all of these cars, and that’s terribly good news. We’re also hoping that, if not all of these cars, at least the M4 will be available for engine tuning in the virtual realm.

Vorsteiner doesn’t offer an engine kit right now, but Stage 1 versions that take the S55 3-liter twin-turbo unit up to 550 HP are more than common these days. The first days of November should bring us the game on consoles, while PC users have to wait until Q1 of 2016 to enjoy it properly. Either way, we’re not that far away from learning exactly what BMWs we’ll be able to use in this new format.

PS: Oh, and did we mention the granpa? The E30 M3? Let's see if you notice it!

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