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Nearly 1.1 Million Tesla Vehicles Recalled Over Power Windows That May Pinch

During conformity production testing conducted from August 19th to August 23rd, Tesla discovered a problem with the power windows of all models that it produces. Technicians identified window automatic reversal system performance with greater than expected variations in response to pitch detection, which understandably increases the risk of injury.
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The EV specialist promptly conducted additional tests on multiple vehicles of each model using various window positions, a plethora of spring rates, and multiple gap designations to address the problem. Testing concluded on September 5th, and through September 11th, the Austin-based automaker validated the results through log analysis and confirmation of repeatability.

Not surprising anyone, “Tesla determined that the pinch detection and retraction performance in the test results exceeded the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard 118 section 5,” forcing the all-electric manufacturer to issue a recall. On September 13th, vehicles in pre-delivery containment and production received a firmware version that sets the power window operation to the requirements listed in section 5 of FMVSS 118.

Happily for both Tesla and potentially affected customers, no warranty claims or field reports have been reported thus far. The problem is, Tesla knowingly produced vehicles that comply with the aforementioned standard since July 2nd, 2017. One has to ask themselves how could Tesla, its often-zealous customers, and the NHTSA have been oblivious for so darn long.

A grand total of 1,096,762 vehicles are called back, starting with the 2017 to 2022 model years of the Model 3. These all-electric sedans were produced between July 2nd, 2017 and September 14th, 2022. The Model Y is next with 2020 and 2021 models assembled between November 26th, 2019 and September 14th, 2022. The remainder is made up of the 2021 to 2022 model year Model S and Model X, with build dates ranging from January 19th and February 12th, 2021 through September 16th, 2022.

Tesla stores and service centers have been already notified of this recall, whereas customers will be mailed their notices on November 15th. In the meantime, customers are advised to update their firmware over the air.

 Download attachment: Tesla power windows recall (PDF)


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