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Near $8K Papa Bear Teardrop Camper Is Looking to Take Over the Trailer Scene
Campers are awesome! If you share the same enthusiasm as me regarding campers, trailers, and the like, you know the main issue is price. No longer.

Near $8K Papa Bear Teardrop Camper Is Looking to Take Over the Trailer Scene

Papa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop CamperPapa Bear Teardrop Camper
Folks, what we have here in the cover photo is known as the Papa Bear teardrop camper from none other than Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers. Never heard of this team? Most people haven’t. Only recently have we too run across their wonderfully simple and affordable works.

Being around since only 2012, this North Carolina-based company is considered a mere newborn in comparison to more established families like Winnebago and Airstream, but this doesn’t make them any less capable. One the contrary, once you understand that the Papa Bear we’re looking at starts at only $7,950, we feel you too will give this team some consideration on your future trailer/camper acquisition. So let’s see what that money will get you.

To make things easier, we can start from the ground up and mention that the living space is set on a heavy-duty axle rated for 3,500 lb (1,587 kg) with 15-in (38 cm) tires. Options for a front rack and toolbox are also available. All in all, with the living space and trailer platform, this outdoor home only weighs in at 1,295 lb (587 kg). That’s it. This makes it easily towable by most small SUVs. Wouldn’t tack it onto grandma’s Camry though.

Now that we have an idea for the trailer part of this camper, let’s see what we get for a living space with this sort of cash. Overall, the Papa comes in with an exterior height of 5.75 ft (1.75 m), interior height of 4 ft (1.2 m), and interior with of 5 ft (1.5 m). Then comes the interior length, a full 10 ft (3.0 m) reveals a space that isn’t necessarily prepped for the grandest of parties but is sure to offer the essentials you need for a very raw weekend. I say raw because the interior doesn’t include much really. After all, the price should let you know that this bad boy is pretty bare.

Inside we won’t find much except a bed, plenty of cargo space, and a desk. There are no kitchens here, no showers, and definitely no toilet. So why the hell should I even buy one? What do you mean why? Think about it. Maybe you’re the kind of person that enjoys a bare minimum existence to really help you appreciate the luxuries you’re exposed to on a daily basis. After all, it’s a common effect of being away from home and your usual toys to end up missing and really appreciating them.

Ok, so maybe I was a little harsh in saying there's nothing inside, because frankly, there is enough to keep you warm when it’s cold outside, enough to offer a good night's sleep, and even a place to enjoy a meal. But the lack of toilet facilities is the only thing really putting me off from this trailer.

The bedding too is pretty neat. The mattress is able to be folded in order to offer a seating space inclusive of the dining area I mentioned earlier, and in doing so also reveals massive amounts of storage space underneath for anything else you may need. I don’t know, maybe a good idea would be to bring some pots, pans, a 2-burner mobile stove and an outdoor shower, and that’s that.

Even with the extras you’ll need to purchase to complete your camping experience, you’ll easily settle under 15-20 grand for a complete camper. Oh, and let’s not forget the extras you can grab directly from Rustic. Options such as a 5,000 BTU A/C unit to MaxxAir fan, roof rack, outside table, and even battery kit are all available for some extra bones. Heck, I bet you can even figure out a way to strap on a solar panel and really go off grid for a few days, or for however long you resist your own smells.

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