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Navigation Expert Announces Speed Limit Warnings Coming to Millions of Cars

The European Union has made Intelligent Speed Assistance mandatory for all cars sold on the continent. Now carmakers are working with their partners to develop the necessary software to align with the new requirement.
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Set to come into effect in 2022 for new passenger and commercial vehicles and in 2024 for all newly registered vehicles, ISA systems are supposed to make the roads safer by providing drivers with acoustic, vibrating, and haptic feedback warnings through the acceleration pedal regarding hazards on the road.

And one of the warnings concerns the speed limit, as cars should be able to tell drivers when they’re going too fast.

HERE is one of the companies that are already leaders in the navigation software market, and unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the first to come up with an ISA solution for its customers.

Called HERE ISA Map, its platform, which has reportedly been embraced by several global automakers already, includes explicit speed limits visible on road signs and implicit speed limits from road signs without numerical values.

At the same time, it includes information on speed limits that are defined by road rules and regulations and which, in theory, aren’t visible on the side of the road.

All these details are packed into a large database that comes with HERE ISA Map and which will be offered pre-loaded on any car manufactured by the automakers who already partnered with the company.

While HERE hasn’t provided any names, it’s pretty clear the companies already using its maps will be among those to rely on ISA Map as well.

The most famous car brands using HERE’s software include Mercedes, Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen, and Toyota, so if you’re going to purchase one of their future models, expect to be notified whenever you’re going over the speed limit out of the box and without the need for any other software or update.

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