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National Museum of Qatar Features Stunning American Muscle Car Exhibit

American Muscle is popular around the world and the Qatar National Museum is proving it again with one awesome exhibit.
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The new "American Muscle Cars in Qatar" exhibit has just been unveiled at the National Museum of Qatar and it demonstrates something many forget, that the whole world loves these classics. In the 1960s and 1970s popularity of the muscle car grew both here in the United States and abroad. Qatar was just one country that craved more muscle and many citizens there began importing them. 

According to the Qatar Museum website the love was so great that "American muscle cars quickly became one of the main attractions of the era." 

It can be easy to forget that these low-slung, super-powerful, and relatively comfortable sports cars are well loved around the globe. Interestingly enough, this exhibt provides some insight on that love. Just one example is the 1976 Pontiac Firebird on display. 

It rose to fame in the USA and in Qatar thanks to the film Smokey and the Bandit but in Qatar something was different. Instead of calling the Firebird emblem enblazened on the hood the "Screamin Chicken", it's locally refered to as the "Falcon", a subtle nod to the importance of falcons in the culture. 

Other notable muscle cars are included in the exhibit as well, including a pristine yellow 1972 Chevrolet Corvette in addition to a classic black Oldsmobile 442. What might be the most interesting part of the exhibit is that many of the cars are seen here as commonplace. 

All three of the cars mentioned above might be seen at any grassroots car show or cars and coffee in America. Perhaps the next time we roll up on one of these pieces of automotive history we'll have just a bit more appreciation for them, just like the world does. 


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